I am one of the faculty leaders of the GroupLens research group at UMN. We “advance the theory and practice of social computing by building and understanding systems used by real people”. My current research focuses on developing intelligent systems that enhance partipation and reduce bias in social and collaborative platforms.

Current PhD Students

Mo Houtti (joint with Stevie Chancellor)

Charles Chuankai Zhang

Moyan Zhou

Ava Bartolome (joint with Stevie Chancellor)

Graduated PhD Students

  • Dan Cosley (2005; co-advised with John Riedl).
  • Pamela Ludford (2007; co-advised with Joe Konstan).
  • Reid Priedhorksy (2010).
  • Colin Delong: (2013; co-advised with Jaideep Srivastava)
  • Mikhil Masli (2013).
  • Aaron Halfaker (2013; co-advised with John Riedl).
  • Katie Panciera (2014).
  • Fernando Torre (2014).
  • Shuo (Steven) Chang (2016).
  • Tien Nguyen (2016; co-advised with Joe Konstan).
  • Morten Warncke-Wang (2016; co-advised with Brent Hecht).
  • Andrew Sheppard (2017).
  • Jacob Thebault-Spieker (2017; co-advised with Brent Hecht).
  • Hannah Miller Hillberg (2018; co-advised with Brent Hecht).
  • Vikas Kumar (2018; co-advised with Joe Konstan).
  • Andrew Hall (2019). 
  • Bowen Yu (2019; co-advised with Haiyi Zhu).
  • Estelle Smith (2020).
  • Zach Levonian (2022; co-advised with Lana Yarosh).

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