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I am a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at The University of Minnesota, where I also co-lead the GroupLens Research Lab. My research areas are social computing, human-computer interaction, and intelligent systems. I focus on issues including detecting and addressing bias, methods for doing ethical research with online communities, and integrating human and machine intelligence in systems like Wikipedia. I have interface design expertise in contexts including mobile and location-aware systems, and web search and information management. I am active in my professional community, for example, having served as President of ACM’s Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction and chaired the main conferences in my field.  I also consult frequently on intellectual property litigation cases in my areas of expertise.

Email: terveen@umn.edu,  terveen@gmail.com   Twitter: @lorenterveen


November 2022. The UMN Office of the Vice President of Research wrote a nice article about our (Stevie Chancellor, Mo Houtti, Moyan Zhou, and I) work on identifying and addressing barriers to participation in video conferencing. (Paper link to follow.)

October 2022. Two recent papers will be presented at CSCW 2022:

August 2022. I’m very excited to have received an NSF grant with my colleagues Lana Yarosh (PI), Stevie Chancellor (Co-PI), Kangjie Lu (Co-PI), and Joe Konstan (Co-PI) to research a topic near and dear to my heart: how to do ethical research with online communities.