“Bob Dylan” (1962)


Recorded: November 1961

Released: March 19, 1962

As I understand it, this was what early 1960s Greenwich Village folkies were up to. They recorded “traditional” “folk” songs, more specifically gospel, blues, Appalachian/English/Scottish/Irish, maybe country. This album draws on pretty much all of these. 

I find the non-originals on here enjoyable. Dylan really wails on ‘em. Totally non-original observations: he’s trying to take on the persona of someone who’s done some “hard travelin’”… but he’s 20 years old! So, as I said, while I enjoy these songs, I think he comes across like trying to fill shoes that are a bit too big for him. My favorite songs are Gospel Plow, See That My Grave is Kept Clean, and Man of Constant Sorrow.

The originals Song To Woody and Talkin’ New York are an almost-teenagers’ sincere tribute to Woody Guthrie and a pretty good talking blues. 

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